Richard's studio. Photo: David Mattingly

Polychromatic Integers

Polychromatic Integers is the unreleased follow-up recording to Richard Lainhart's remarkable CD debut These Last Days, originally released by the pioneering Periodic Music label in 1987. In a sense it is a 'lost' album (now gloriously found), but in its musical signature it's as reflective of today and tomorrow as its own era. Over the course of those years, Richard's impossibly evocative sonorities and fascinating treatments of time and space have created what is, in effect, its own musical genre, one that has influenced a generation of electronic composers that can be heard in countless variations and hommages throughout the world of electronica. In its seamless blending of digital technologies and human musicianship, Polychromatic Integers is an early classic of the MIDI era that never was, but now, thanks to Periphery, always will be.
— Ron Goldberg

The opening piece 'An Open Hand' is a great minimal slap of repeating guitar lines. A totally gorgeous piece of music... — Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, July 30, 2020


Discography:  These Last DaysTen Thousand Shades of BlueI, Mute Hummings (compilation)White NightLuxLuminous AccidentsCranes Fly WestThe Wave Sounding Sea/The Course of the RiverPolychromatic IntegersAn Abandoned GardenNEW! – Modulisme Session 101

Recommended: Listen on headphones
or external speakers.

Polychromatic Integers (2011)

An Open Hand 09:33
The Rising Night 08:42
Desert Gardens 08:36
The Naga 07:05
An Unknown Number 08:04
Under the Clock 06:15
Staring at the Moon 17:11

Polychromatic Integers available from Periphery (OTP2011)