Richard's studio. Photo: David Mattingly

Cranes Fly West – Limited Schiphorst Edition

RICHARD: "An Open Window..." was recorded live in concert May 16, 2004. In this piece, I play the piano with the e-bows only, silently depressing and releasing the keys to allow the notes sustained by the e-bows to sound or die.

The doors were open in the performance space, so you hear the spring birds outside. I extend my special thanks to my audience for listening so quietly.

"Threshold" creates its soundscape through a process called cross-filtering, which runs on the Kyma System. In cross-filtering, the tonal characteristics of one sound, called the impulse response, are imposed on another, called the source, so that the end result is a sound that contains only the characteristics common to both. In this case, ambiences recorded in and around New York City provide the source, and my guitar playing provides the impulse response. You hear neither directly, but only the result of the interaction between me and my environment.

Recording sources and locations in NYC: street traffic during a cab ride from 53rd Street to 89th Street; the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art, and a floor buffer in a side gallery; the lobby and galleries of the Guggenheim Museum; a trash compacter in the mid-50s; an air-conditioning compressor in the mid-50s; an industrial document shredder in the mid-80s; Olafur Elliason's New York Waterfall #4 at Pier 35; traffic on the FDR Drive at South Street. Recording sources in Rockland County, NY: nocturnal insects and thunderstorms.


Discography:  These Last DaysTen Thousand Shades of BlueI, Mute Hummings (compilation)White NightLuxLuminous AccidentsCranes Fly WestThe Wave Sounding Sea/The Course of the RiverPolychromatic IntegersAn Abandoned GardenNEW! – Modulisme Session 101

Cranes Fly West – Limited Schiphorst Edition (2010)

An Open Window In An Empty Room 10:51
A Bell Above The Clouds* 11:53
A Sense Of Loss 12:17
Threshold 15:02
Erik Submarina* (A Sense Of Loss
Remix by Mirko Uhlig) 12:18

* indicates exclusive bonus tracks

GEAR: Open Window and A Sense of Loss: 9 e-bows and Steinway 1892 Model A grand piano, recorded 2004 and 2009; A Bell Above the Clouds: electric guitar processed with the Kyma System, recorded 2010; Threshold: electric guitar processed with the Kyma System, recorded 2008

Cranes Fly West - Limited Schiphorst Edition is available from Ex Ovo (Ex 004)

"In his piano pieces, Lainhart effectively bridges the world of ambient and drone with that of modern classical and serious minimal music. An excellent release for those who love the Experimental Intermedia label and especially Phill Niblock's work." —Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, November 2010