Richard's studio. Photo: David Mattingly

An Abandoned Garden

"An Abandoned Garden" is a sonic snapshot of the collaborative process Richard and I began in late 2010 after several inspired improvised performances together in NYC. We met in Richard's studio three times over the following six months in order to develop and document this dialog, beginning each piece without any conceptualized ideas and exploring a completely free form of soundscape improvisation. While "An Abandoned Garden" is a finished work, it is but a hint at the wondrous sounds that would have been created had we been able to tend to it further.
— Lucio Menegon

An Abandoned Garden is a full length LP compiled from recordings made by Richard Lainhart (Buchla 200e & Haken Continuum) and Lucio Menegon (lapsteel/processing) in New York during the spring of 2011.

Richard Lainhart passed away on December 30, 2011 and is remembered as an award-winning composer, performer, filmmaker, and teacher based in New York. Richard's work is regarded as seminal in American electronic music and his compositions have been performed worldwide. Lucio Menegon is an NYC composer and guitarist who performs throughout the United States and abroad. Lucio and Richard performed together in 2010 and afterword initiated a series of three full recording sessions that became An Abandoned Garden, an in-depth yet minimal exploration of emotional spectra through sustained, organic textures and hauntingly beautiful drones and evolving timbres.

Rubber City Noise is honored to present An Abandoned Garden as a limited edition of 100 on 12" black vinyl with hand-crafted silkscreen jacket-poster, wraparound letterpressed vellum band, full color insert, and free digital download. Silkscreen by Benjamin D. Osborne (Tusco / Embassy) & Rubber City Noise. Letterpress by Amanda Lee. Insert by Caroline Meyers. Insert cover photo by Tim David Brice (d. 2014) at Somehow Recordings.
— Rubber City Noise

Richard's work was never meant to be programmatic. Rather, titles of these pieces were carefully chosen to symbolize the arc of Richard's passing. Dusk - the closing of a life; Aurora - the mystery of transcendence; Yūrei (the Japanese word for ghost) - the lingering memories; An Abandoned Garden - all that was left behind; Dawn - the growing awareness of the beauty of a life.
— Caroline Meyers


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Recommended: Listen on headphones
or external speakers.

An Abandoned Garden (2013)

Dusk 13:25
Aurora 08:00
Yūrei 09:24
An Abandoned Garden 04:02
Dawn 08:00

Lucio Menegon, lap steel, fx processing
Richard Lainhart, Buchla 200e synthesizer/Haken Continuum controller
Performed and recorded in real-time.

Album available from MusicNoiseArt (2015)
Rubber City Noise (2013)

Lainhart crafts sounds in a tonal, musical fashion - sustained tones, drones, melodic fragments - and electronically manipulates them into beautiful tapestries of sound. — Waterfront Week