Richard's studio. Photo: David Mattingly


One Sound is a music in which a single complex sound, or many instances of a single sound, form both the content and the structure of the piece - a music in which one sound is all there is to listen to.

I try to present sounds that have never been heard, sounds that are intrinsically interesting. For me, that means sounds in which there is a great deal of detail but relatively little surface change.

The analogy I think of is that these sounds are abstractions of phenomena like flowing water or wind in the trees which are static but ever-changing. I've always been interested in natural processes such as waves, flames, and clouds, in harmonics and harmony, and in creative interactions with machines.

I use these as compositional methods to present sounds that are as beautiful as I can make them.
— Richard Lainhart

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Welcoming a new release to Richard's catalog
'Modulisme 101 – Richard Lainhart' from Philippe Petit/Modulisme

These Last Days CD cover

These Last Days
Periodic Music (1987)
Photo: Dan McKenney

10,000 Shades of Blue CD cover

Ten Thousand
Shades of Blue

XI Records (2001)
Photo: Corbis

White Night CD cover

White Night
Ex Ovo (2007)
Painting: Gabriele Lantermann

Lux cassette

Important Records Sauna12 (2008)

Luminous Accidents CD cover

Luminous Accidents
Tobira Reords (2009)

Cranes Fly West, Schiphorst Edition CD cover

Cranes Fly West, Schiphorst Ed.
Ex Ovo (2010)
Cranes by Kishi Renzan, c. 1850

The Wave-Sounding Sea CD cover

The Wave-Sounding Sea
Vicmod (2010)
Photo: Corbis

The Course of the River CD cover

The Course of the River
Vicmod (2010)
Photo: Corbis

Polychromatic Integers CD cover

Polychromatic Integers
Periphery (2011)

An Abandoned Garden record album cover art

An Abandoned Garden
Rubber City Noise (2013)
Image: Tim David Bryce

Discography:  These Last DaysTen Thousand Shades of BlueI, Mute Hummings (compilation)White NightLuxLuminous AccidentsCranes Fly WestThe Wave Sounding Sea/The Course of the RiverPolychromatic IntegersAn Abandoned GardenNEW! – Modulisme Session 101