Photo: Buchla 200e and Music Easel set-up for performance Analog Synth Showdown: Feb 18, 2011 at Silent Barn, Queens.

NOTE: Collected here are many different examples of the music Richard made over 30 years, including released and unreleased albums, commercial music, and private recordings.

Each link below will take you to another page with the album's cover art (whether as actually released or just as he imagined it) or a related image for the collection, a listing for each track, and, where available, commentary from Richard. Much of Richard's music has been collected on

In the time of Lainhart's Two Mirrors Face One Another (1976)...[he] moved away from physicality and became a perfumist, allowing sounds to seep into the senses as chemical reactions." —Ian Nagoski


MUSIC:  Early WorksWalking Slowly BackwardsROMworksFive Nocturnes WDFH August 25, 2005KymaWorksBuchlaWorks

Recommended: Listen on headphones or external speakers.

Listen to Interview
Richard talks with host EdisonRex about his influences, the meaning of One Sound.
(Interview recorded at Pocono Skies Pocono Skies Electronic Music Festival, May 2010)

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"I think I came up with some interesting sounds, at least, and even early on, I was clearly fascinated with drones and harmonics." — RL