Photo: Richard performing Drift at The Gatherings, Philadelphia May 2011. Photo: Jeff Towne




Sat, Nov 26, 2011
Richard directs a World Premier & Live Soundtrack
"The History of the Future"*
TheaterLab, 137 W 14th, NYC

When I participated in Lucio Menegon's Music for Driving and Film shows last December, one of the bonuses was being invited to join Richard Lainhart's Orchestra of the Future to perform a live improvised score to the short film "History of the Future", which Richard had created from "technical, medical, and instructional animations from the 30s through the 70s, all of it public-domain content from the Prelinger Archives". We closed the evening at Exapno with it and it was a blast. It went remarkably well and I was excited to do it again someday. It turned out to be Richard's last performance.
— Rob Price, Gutbrain Records

*The History of the Future is available for performance. Please contact

Livewire2 On Fire: Fri, Oct 28, 2011
Second Annual Festival of New Music at University of Maryland Electronics Express I, curated by Anna Rubin
Richard performs Ludus VI (2011)

Experimental Intermedia Festival: Thu, Oct 20, 2011
The Stone, NYC

40-minute Buchla-Continuum performance "Lainhart@The Stone 10-20-11" available from O-Town Music.

Equinoxygen: Sat, Oct 1 2011
Wilson Auditorium, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Hackensack, NJ

Event Horizon: Thu, Sep 22 2011
The Rotunda, Philadelphia

Periphery label launch event: Sat, Aug 20 2011

See Discography page Polychromatic Integers for more details.

Experimental Festival 3: Fri, Aug 5 2011
Richard joins the kick-off for this three-day festival at Goodbye Blue Monday, 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn

Richard performs Clouds on this compilation CD from PAS and Alrealon Musique 012 (2011). With grateful thanks to Robert L. Pepper, Pas Musique.

World Listening Day: Mon, Jul 16 2011
Richard performs his 2008 EMF-commissioned work "Threshhold" for electric guitar, Kyma and environmental sounds of the city for at New York University, Steinhart Education Building, 35 W 4th St, NYC.

Joel Chadabe and Richard take questions.

More About World Listening Day
Organizations and individuals around the world will be listening to the sounds of the word in honor of Canada's pre-eminent and world-renowned composer, R. Murray Schafer's 78 birthday. In collaboration with the Electronic Music Foundation and the New York Society of Acoustic Ecology, NYU's Music Technology Program, will present a program of compositions and field recordings based on the sounds of New York City.

The Gatherings Concert Series: Sat, May 14, 2011
Live performance

Richard's presets for this performance which includes four of his films.

Control click on image and select 'open image in new tab' to enlarge.

WXPN 88.5fm: Sun, May 15, 2011 2 am
Live radio performance

At 2am after the performance, Richard played an hour-long set on Star's End, hosted by Chuck van Zyl, WXPN Phildelphia. Photo: Jeff Towne

Alfa Art Gallery: Friday, April 8, 2011
Richard performs live on Buchla+Continuum
New Brunswick NJ

Second Annual New Jersey Festival of Electronic Arts: Saturday, March 12, 2011
Live electronic music with visuals by VJ Cargo and an Adobe After Effects seminar
Grounds For Sculpture
Hamilton, NJ.

Analog Synth Showdown: Feb 18, 2011
Curated by Joshua Slusher
The Silent Barn, 915 Wyckoff Ave, Queens NY
Richard was third performer on the four-part program.

Buchla 200e and Music Easel

There is no record of a title for this work. Live recording (announcer, background chatter). Suffice it to say it is deeply dark and brooding.

Electronics and Cacophony: Feb 12, 2011
Curated by Valerie Kuehne
Cafe Orwell, 247 Varet St, Brooklyn

Psychedelic Noise Series: Feb 4, 2011
Curated by Opposite Records.
Nyack Village Theater, Nyack, NY


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Super Coda Festival: Dec 16, 2010
Analog synthesis improvisation Soundscape
as part of an experimental cabaret curated by Valerie Kuehne.
Cafe Orwell, 247 Varet St, Brooklyn

A Night of Clutter: Dec 11, 2010
Buchla and Continuum at an open experimental and improvised interactive musical collaboration.
Funkadelic Studios, 335 West 35th, NYC

Photo: Marc Edwards

Ethernet Orchestra live online: Nov 14, 2010
Buchla system and processed guitar
Live networked streaming A/V performance with musicians and VJs in Braunschwieg and Munich, Germany; Sydney, Australia; London, UK.

A Guitar Gig!: Nov 7, 2010
Guitar and electronics with films Joined by Alex Carpenter (guitar, live audio & video delay) and James Ross (guitar, live looping)
Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street, NYC

Experi-montage v.2: Oct 20, 2010
An evening of new music with Borne, Richard Lainhart, Cloud Cloud, Clutter
The Court Tavern, 124 Church Street, New Brunswick, NJ

Creative Music Incubator: Oct 4, 2010
Improv performance at The Tank Space for Performing and Visual Arts, New York

electro-music 2010: Sep 10-12, 2010
Richard's solo set now available on SoundCloud

Podcast of "Threshold" on "Framework": July 4, 2010
An excerpt of Richard's piece "Threshold" (commissioned in 2008 by Ear To The Earth), for electric guitar and New York field recordings processed with Kyma, was included in Edition #291 of Framework — listen at 52:10 — a radio broadcast and podcast project from To download the podcast directly, go to 2010.07.04FrameworkRadio. Excerpt plays at 52:10.

Schiphorst Avante Garde Festival: Jul 2-4, 2010
Schiphorst, Germany

Richard performed live solo electroacoustic music with his Buchla/Continuum analog modular synthesizer system Friday night, Jul 2, and on Sunday afternoon, Jul 4, with thereminist Thomas Zunk. The performance included the world premieres of our transcriptions of two sections from Olivier Messaien's "Quartet for the End of Time", arranged for Theremin and Buchla.


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electro-music's New Year's Eve 2010: Dec 31, 2009 – New Year's Eve, 9 PM EST
Richard performs electronic nocturnes with his Buchla 200e/Haken Continuum system as part of electro-music's New Year's Eve 2010 live streaming concert featuring 24 hours of live electro-music - 30 acts, 3 continents, 8 countries.

electro-music 2009: October 29-31, 2009
Richard performs live with Buchla 200e & Haken Continuum, presents seminar demonstrating the system and hosts an iPhone improv.

Re:Soundings in Valley Falls, NY: October 3 2009
Richard premiers new films and music funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts.

Electronica Fest 2009: September 5 2009
Richard gives a workshop and performance sponsored by the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum, MD.

Lincoln Center: August 8 2009
Richard is one of 200 electric guitarists performing
Rhys Chatham's "A Crimson Grail".

Summer Solstice 09: June 21, 2009 9 p.m. (01:00 GMT)
Richard plays live for Summer Solstice broadcast – 15 hours of live electro-music from 24 artists in 7 countries.

Baltimore Electronic Music Fest 2009: June 27, 2009 at 10 p.m.
Richard performs live with Buchla & Haken Continuum.

DIGit 2009 Digital Media Exhibition:June 12-14, 2009
Richard's film "LUX" selected for screening.

CitySkies09: Sat May 8 - Decatur, GA
Richard performs new works and improvisations for high-definition film projection and synthesizer in quadraphonic sound, featuring the Buchla 200e modular analog synthesizer, controlled by the Haken Continuum Fingerboard, an innovative 3-dimensional keyboard. He will also conducts a workshop on Multi-Dimensional Control for Realtime Analog Synthesis Performance.


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Richard performng Tranzducer, 2008
The Arts Center of the Capital Region: Sat March 28, 2008, Troy, NY

Richard presents a concert of live electronic music featuring new works and improvisations for high-definition film projection and synthesizer. Richard will be performing with his Buchla 200e modular analog synthesizer, controlled by the Haken Continuum Fingerboard, an innovative 3-dimensional keyboard.

Motion Graphics Festival (MGFest09): Sat March 7, 2008, Cambridge, MA
Richard Lainhart 's film, "One Year," is part of the Installation Showcase @ Axiom Gallery.

OptoSonic Tea: Sunday March 8, 2008, Brooklyn, NY

Richard Lainhart performs a new work for electric guitar and two laptops, one processing the guitar, the other generating and processing the imagery) at the Issue Project Room. Dec 31, 2008
Online Live Streaming New Year's Eve 2009 Floating Concert
Richard performed live Buchla 200e & Haken Continuum set streamed from his studio.

T-Minus 2008: Nov 25, 2008
Galapogos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY
Richard's time-lapse film, "One Year," part of a 20-film festival. Nov 16, 2008
Richard Lainhart & Jordan Rudess: Deep Space
A live improvisational excursion featuring cutting-edge digital technologies along with old-school analog synths like Richard's Buchla 200e/Haken Continuum system and Jordan's vintage MiniMoogs.

Ear To The Earth 2008: Oct 16, 2008
Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY
Richard will perform his Electronic Music Foundation-commissioned work "Threshold", for Kyma and electric guitar at Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY as part of Ear To The Earth 2008 NEW YORK SOUNDSCAPE festival.

Fifth Annual DIGiT Digital Media Exposition: Jun 13-15, 2008
Delaware Arts Center, Narrowsburg, NY
Richard's year-long timelapse film "One Year" accepted for exhibition.

Dreaming A New Real: Friday, Jan 11, 2008 8PM
Loop Sanctuary IV, The Chapel + Cultural Center at Rensselaer, Troy, NY
The world premiere of Richard's new film "One Year".


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Electro-Music.Com: Monday, Dec 31, 2007
Live Streaming New Year's Eve Travelling Concert, with contributors from Germany, UK, USA, Portugal and Canada, featuring a live Buchla 200e set streamed from his studio on from 9:30-10 PM.

Tranzducer .011: Friday, November 30, 2007 8PM
Lemurplex, Brooklyn, NY

Photo: Seth Haley
Richard Lainhart's live Buchla 200e/Haken Continuum performance
YouTube: Tranzducer Part 1
Check out reaction to Richard's live Buchla performance on matrixsynth
"I don't even know where to begin. He started slow and low with long slowly changing drones and they just built and built and built until the room was completely taken over by this enormous wall of sound that was moving and changing with sound and textures and rhythms all over the place. It was amazing." — Seth Haley

Click here to see video of Richard's jam with Moldover:
Battling Seizure Robots - Moldover Meets Lainhart

Moogfest: Saturday, September 22, 2007 8PM
B. B. King's, New York City
A Buchla 200e set with Jordan Rudess in the very heart of Moogdom.
See photos from the event.

Handmade Music: Thursday, September 27, 2007 8PM
Etsy Labs, Brooklyn co-sponsored by Make Magazine and Create Digital Music.


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The Theater at Total Training, Valley Cottage, NY: July 22, 2006
"A Fistful of Patchcords"* – Live Electronic Improvisations with Jordan Rudess

WDFH, Ossining, NY: May 19, 2006
"Moog Space Jam Part II" – Live Electronic Improvisations with Jordan Rudess

WDFH, Ossining, NY: April 7, 2006
Live Radio Performance – KymaWorks


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WDFH, Ossining, NY: August 25, 2005
Live Radio Performance – Works for Electric Guitar and Computer

Frederick Lowe Theater, New York University, New York, NY: June 7, 2005
"NYU People, Friends, and Laptops" – A performance of "Interplay", with Ben Chadabe, and "One Word", for Kyma

Re:Soundings, Valley Falls, NY: May 7, 2005
"One Sound Music" – New and recent One Sound works for instruments, Apple Macintosh PowerBook and the Kyma interactive music system

WDFH, Ossining, NY: May 3, 2005
"Moog Space Jam On The Air" – Electronic improvisations with Jordan Rudess


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Firlenfanz Gallery, Albany: NY: September 4, 2004
"Shock and Awe" – New works for electric guitar with computer processing

Re:Soundings, Valley Falls, NY: June 26, 2004
"Re:Soundings Presents The Downtown Ensemble Upstate"
An Open Window In An Empty Room, for piano and e-bows

O-Town Live, Internet performance originating in New City, NY: May 23, 2004
"An All-Moog Deep Space Excursion" – Electronic improvisations with Jordan Rudess, in honor of Dr. Robert A. Moog's 70th birthday.

Remote Lounge, New York, NY: December 7, 2003
International Festival of Film and Technology
"Dreamwood" – World premiere of my short film