Richard's studio. Photo: David Mattingly


NOTE: Of the five tracks on this cassette (and subsequently on Bandcamp) "Oraison" had a profound impact on understanding just how the marriage of the Buchla 200e and the Hakken Comuninuum could produce an extraordinary aural experience.

Richard transcribed and arranged Messiaen's score for Ondes Martenot and performed it on numerous occasions often accompanied with this explanation of its andecents.

RICHARD: "From the time I first touched the Haken Continuum, I'd dreamed of using it to play a composition by Olivier Messiaen called "Oraison." I first heard "Oraison" years ago as a student of electronic music, and had fallen in love with its simple, beautiful harmonies and profound sense of mystery.

"Oraison" is not only a lovely piece of music, but has historical interest too – it may be the first piece of purely electronic music written expressly for live performance.

"Oraison" ("prayer") is from a suite of pieces for six Ondes Martenot called "Fete des Belles Eaux" ("Celebration of the Beautiful Waters"), composed for the Paris International Exposition in 1937. The Ondes Martenot was among the first electronic instruments, and is still among the most expressive.

The Continuum's own expressive qualities seemed at least the equal of the Ondes Martenot's, while allowing for polyphony and the possibility of performance of the work by a single player. I transcribed "Oraison" for my Buchla 200e/Continuum system, programmed the modern system in homage to the sound of the Ondes Martenot, and now offer this performance to you."


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Recommended: Watch "Oraison" on Vimeo in HD
with external speakers.

Lux (2011/2012)

Side One
Lux 19:20
Still Of Noon 19:02

Side Two
Twenty Chords 13:08
The Line Of The Horizon 16:12
Oraison 09:40

Performed and recorded in realtime, without edits or overdubs, on a Buchla 200e system controlled with a Haken Continuum multidimensional keyboard.

"Lux was originally available in 2011 as a cassette, printed inkless In Memorium, marking the death of a sensitive and innovative artist. Edition of 100. from Important Records Sauna12."

NOTE: Richard included "Oraison," "Nineteen Chords," and "The Line of the Horizon" on O-Town Music 2009 issue The Line of the Horizon.

Lux is available on Bandcamp from Cassauna Tape Company.

I heartily recommend watching this ["Oraison"] video, all 10 minutes of it. It's beautiful, and a fascinating sight to see Messiaen's 'Oraison' performed on this unique instrument. — Peter van Cooten,