Photo: David Mattingly

Richard Lainhart February 14, 1953 – December 30, 2011.

Posted on Facebook, December 31, 2011. Dear friends of Richard. This is Richard's wife Caroline Meyers. I have very sad news to report to you all. Richard died yesterday December 30 from complications from surgery on December 22. He struggled valiantly to overcome his infection, but it was not to be. We are all in shock and cannot grasp the idea of his not making music, talking music, teaching, posting and playing. Richard's closest friends and I are planning a memorial service and I will let you know the date and time. I would be most grateful if you have a story about your connection to Richard if you could share it here and we can bring all your thoughts to the memorial when it happens. I never thought I would write such a Facebook post as this and I beg your prayers for Richard Lainhart, musician and irreplaceable human being.

Life as a masterpiece by Tobias Fischer

Richard Lainhart: The Silent Passing of Blissful Noise

View Memorial Program, March 4, 2012.

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